Dr. Kim Parker (formerly Classroom Liner Notes) concerns itself with the musings of Dr. Kim Parker (@TchKimPossible), former high school English teacher and instructor in the Boston area and current teacher developer.

She is deeply committed to the success of young people of color, particularly those under-represented and misunderstood by all those who refuse to truly know how brilliant and of promise these young folks are. In this space, Dr. Parker also attempts to work out her own works in progress as she moves between the intersections of teaching, writing and trying to maintain her joy and enthusiasm for this glorious life she’s been fortunate to lead.

Dr. Kim works with schools, departments, and young people around the country. If you’d like to discuss how you might collaborate with her, please visit her Find Me/Work With Me page. 

7 responses to “About

  1. Lisa Grunberger

    Dear Dr. Parker — I admire your work and have a question for you regarding my use of Ta Ne-hisi Coates’s Between the World and Me. If you could contact me at Lisag@temple.edu I’d appreciate it.

    Dr. Lisa Grunberger
    Associate Professor
    English Department
    Temple University
    (646) 369-2350

  2. Hi Dr. Parker,

    I am an English teacher in Lawrence, MA living in the Boston area and just realized that you are local to me! I am a huge fan of the Disrupt Texts movement and follow you on Twitter (@mrshlevine). When this crazy pandemic is over, I would love a chance to come into the city, buy you a coffee, and just share space as like-minded educators working for the education our students deserve. I just recently moved back to New England after four years in San Francisco and am trying to find a community of educators who aren’t afraid to speak up for what’s right. Wishing you all the best during this difficult time!

    • Hi, Heather!! Welcome back to New England. I’d love to have coffee on the other side of this. I’ll look forward to that! In the meantime, stay well and healthy, and THANK YOU for reading.

  3. Hi Dr, Parker,
    Thank you for creating this platform for educators of color. I have so many stories to share. I am writing two books about our unheard voices in education. I would love to talk to you about what I am writing. I am starting to push my thoughts and experiences on my blog. I am just getting started. I would love to be one of your 31 educators. If not this year maybe next year. I look forward to hearing from you. My email address is iamachampionbook@gmail.com;

  4. Amy Casi

    Hi Dr. Parker,
    I was so lucky to have the chance to hear you speak and meet you last year at the MA DESE conference. I am a white mom raising Black children and I teach the 5th grade in a predominantly white school. I am inspired by your twitter feed and I am listening and learning so much.
    I have been given the opportunity by our school principal to choose and buy all curriculum materials -no pressure – to teach the new social studies standards talking about the Black experience in America. There are so many great resources and I am nervous and overwhelmed, especially since the only recommended documents from the DESE are primary historical sources. Last year I taught the curriculum using children’s picture books. I would love to hear what you and your followers would recommend.

  5. Danielle Mazzuchi

    Hi Dr. Parker,
    I work for the National Association of Elementary School Principals, and we believe you are a perfect fit for our Webinar Wednesday Series. I would love to chat more, please email me at dmazzuchi@naesp.org.

    Danielle Mazzuchi

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